Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Full Sync Version (Alpha)

I just managed to complete the first Full Sync Version during the Chinese New Year vacation. Sorry for the long delay!

This version can sync Outlook notes with iPhone notes database, except for the operation of note deletion that would only cater from the Outlook side. In other words, a note being deleted on Outlook will eventually be deleted on both side on next sync, but note being deleted on iPhone will be restored from Outlook for the sake of data protection.

Here are the scenarios: [Based on Record Modification Time]
1. New note on Outlook -> Copy onto iPhone database
2. New note on iPhone -> Copy onto Outlook
3. Modified note on Outlook -> Update the corresponding note on iPhone database
4. Modified note on iPhone -> Update the corresponding note on Outlook
5. Deleted note on Outlook -> Delete the corresponding note on iPhone database
6. Deleted note on iPhone -> Restore the corresponding note from outlook to iPhone database
7. If Outlook has no note -> Ask whether restore all notes from iPhone to Outlook or purge the iPhone database
8. If iPhone has no note -> Copy all notes from Outlook to iPhone database

Download Link

Nevertheless, please be minded that this is an Alpha version and is not intended for production use.

Major Changes:
Added Notes sorting by Title in database **Not useful because iPhone displays latest notes first
Added control flags to accelerate the overall process
Added long Note (>2088 characters) truncation to accommodate iPhone's record limit
Added prompting for all Notes restoration from iPhone when Outlook has *NO* note
Reduced temporary table's usage to reduce resources consumption