Saturday, February 7, 2009

What's New?

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v1.0f: (Full-Sync + Automation + 64-Bit OS Support + Background daemon + FW2.2.1 Support)
Attempt to change data source to cope with iPhone 2.2.1 firmware
Fixed minor bug on script execution outside of the containing directory
Added the trimming of unrecognized tags

v1.0e: (Full-Sync + Automation + 64-Bit OS Support + Background daemon)
Fixed error reporting in iOutNotes.vbs
Modified iOutNotesDaemon.vbs to be run without command batch

v1.0d: (Full-Sync + Automation + 64-Bit OS Support + Background daemon)
Added background daemon script to sync notes after each iTunes Sync

v1.0c: (Full-Sync + Automation + 64-Bit OS Support)
Added 64-Bit OS Support

v1.0b: (Full-Sync + Automation)
First Full-Sync + Automation Version
Added Upload/Download via iPhuc Utility
Added LOG file backup and rotation
Added notes.db backup file rotation

v1.0a: (Full-Sync Only)
First Full-Sync Version
Added Notes sorting by Title in database **Not useful because iPhone displays latest notes first
Added control flags to accelerate the overall process
Added long Note (>2088 characters) truncation to accommodate iPhone's record limit
Added prompting for all Notes restoration from iPhone when Outlook has *NO* note
Reduced temporary table's usage to reduce resources consumption

v0.97e: (Half-Sync Only)
Fixed fonts difference
Added explicit Unicode detection
Modified to closely follow the iPhone presentation format
Modified to handle Cyrillic fonts
Modified to use FS.Stream for logging

v0.96: (Half-Sync Only)
Added log file output for tracing
Added batch file for novice users
Tested with more cases

v0.95: (Half-Sync Only)
Modified record duplication check to include the Outlook EntryID
Added iPhone notes record deletion if the note is removed from Outlook
One-way sync is accomplished

v0.9: (Half-Sync Only)
Moved most main program steps to subroutine for easy porting
Added record duplication check by the title text and the last modification time

v0.8: (Half-Sync Only)
Corrected the sorting SQL statement

v0.7: (Half-Sync Only)
Corrected the date function

v0.6: (Half-Sync Only)
Added notes.db file backup
Added drop temporary tables before create
Added Simple Error Handler

v0.5: (Half-Sync Only)
Added progress notification
Added sorting through Index ID to ensure unique note_id
Added verbose output

Special Thanks to:
Raymond Yiu
Jesper Rasmussen