Monday, September 29, 2008


Since I switched to use iPhone replacing Palm T3 as my PDA, I found it very uncomfortable to work without my long time companion - notes. Having weeks after weeks searched on the net for a good man's program that can simple convert the notes stored in M$ Outlook (Synced from Palm) to iPhone notes.db format, I felt upset to get zero suitable hit to overcome the disability. So, I finally decided to roll up my sleeves to write this simple script myself and blend the solution anyone can use at no cost.

Moreover, I targeted to craft a solution that can fulfill two major general users' requirements, the ability to support Unicode Chinese text and work seamlessly on *NON* jailbroken iPhone.

Regardless of the fact that I was more familiar in C and Bourne shell script, the solution crafting process was not smooth as I originally thought after several times bumping into the "special features" of M$ Office.

Listed below were the attempts I have ever tried:

   1. Outlook -> Excel Macro -> notes.db
        Dropped because long text is truncated by Outlook when doing Excel export.

   2. Outlook -> Access Macro -> notes.db
        Dropped because Outlook does not export all the essential fields.

   3. Outlook -> Java -> notes.db
        Half completed (i.e. only successful retrieve all the notes data from Outlook), because it is considered
           difficult for casual users to manage the JACOB JAVA-COM Bridge

   4. Outlook -> Windows Script -> notes.db
        Completed and Released

>>> Feb 2009 Updates: The latest version supporting Full Sync + Automation + 64-Bit OS has been released.